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Inspiration for The Road to Recovery

Updated: May 2, 2019

One of my favorite beaches, in the world, is a forty-five-minute drive from me in Half Moon Bay CA. I love this beach for many different reasons, but the number one thing I've fallen for is the surf. The waves are insanely large all year round, and while I don't actually surf, I love watching the surfers! The greatest thing about a beach with high surf is that there are always surfers. It was this location that inspired Joy and Noelani's home in part one and two of the novel. After spending a day at the beach, I found it easier to sit down and write the story.

I was driving to San Francisco the other day, on my way to my friends Pussy Power Party, and suddenly traffic came to a complete stop. It wasn't rush hour traffic or a car crash, so my automatic thought was "street show!" A part of California that not many outsiders know is that of underground street racing. This consists of: illegal racing, slide shows demonstrations, car shows, etc. The Bay Area "Hyphy" movement really brought light to slide show demonstrations and the racing scene that was already a part of California culture. Having Noelani as a part of this culture was an excellent way to show a part of California culture that isn't talked about much.

Music was also a huge inspiration for writing the novel. In fact, most of the scenes were written inspired by a song on the song list. An example of this is Billie Holiday's "I'll Be Seeing You." I must have listened to that song at least ten times as I wrote the scene between Noelani and Joy. I mentioned the song in that section because Joy was listening to the song at that time. However, I did not say all the songs that inspired me in the story, so I listed them here. I love music and highly suggest you look up any songs that you have not heard before. Enjoy!

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