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  • Mariah R. Embry

Audra: Here she comes.

Audra’s plot was based off a dream I had May 12, 2019. I had asked the universe that night for a new character that was similar to my girl Joyce from The Secret Life of a Housewife. The next morning I was scrambling to my notepad to write out what I could remember of the plot from my dream. What I came out with was what you have read today.

Originally I called the dream Homicide Squad, yet I knew the focus was on Audra not the place that she ended up working. Of course, I had to add a murder into the mix, though. Most of what was read in the novel did come from my dream. That opening scene with Darla on the phone to the arrival of Audra on her first day coming in late; all of this was from my inner fantasy. Then I recalled Audra pushing up on Dakota, but her also having a thing for the women who originally hated her, Kamilia.

So, my consciousness remembers only about half of the dream and the rest comes from that part of my subconscious that remembers everything. Due to this, I had to inspire the story that was still so fresh, to come out of me. I inspired myself by getting stoned, I’d say I was high for over half of the construction of this novel. I recalled Audra having a particular taste in music. She listened to a lot of pop, disco, and R&B. So, I literally had to listen to certain songs over and over in order to get out certain sections. I could not listen to any rock with the exception of two songs, AC/DC “T.N.T.” and Def Leppard “Pour some sugar on me.” This was hard for me since I love--love rocking out to metal music while writing my novels.

Now the one thing I had no clue about was, how the story ended. I literally was on the last few pages and had no idea what was coming next, but knew that Audra was about to confess something big. The party spin the bottle scene was supposed to go somewhere completely different than where it did. In my planned outline, Audra was going to spend seven minutes in heaven with Kamilia. Obviously that did not happen because the next thing I know, I’m writing that Audra was getting pissed off out of nowhere at Kamilia. That’s when I got my answer about what was wrong with Audra.

As of right now, Audra is going to be a five part series. This of course can and possibly will change. I might decide to write four novels or six, I have no idea yet. However, the next two are already planned, so...yeah. Ideally, I am hoping to spread the novels out and release them every three months, however, I do have a few other works I am finishing up and starting on at the moment too, so we will see. With any regards, I am loving this series so far and am super excited for the release of Audra: Spring Fling Vol 2 that is coming out September 26, 2019.

Stay tuned,


Mariah R. Embry

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